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In Rossholme

School Trip

The Rossholme children went on their third school trip on October 10th – this time to the Nairobi National Museum and to the Arboretum. One hundred and twenty six students and their six teachers really enjoyed the day. It was a great opportunity for them to get out of Kiambiu slum where they live and go to school. They saw a good and very different environment in another area of Nairobi. 

At the museum in the morning, they learned a lot about Kenya’s history, and they saw animals that they’ve never seen before – tortoise and crocodiles, and even a sculpture of the biggest extinct animal – the dinosaur.

In the afternoon, they enjoyed bouncing in a castle, swinging, playing football, singing and skipping ropes. They had their faces painted, and were given masks and balloons – and then they had a special lunch of pilau and Fanta sodas.