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About Us

Rossholme Education Centre is located in the heart of Kiambiu in Nairobi. The school’s goal is to raise the educational standard of children living in this slum. It cares for little ones in needy and poor families, and it gives them some hope of a better life.

Joyce Aruga decided to start Rossholme Education Centre after she had lived in Kiambiu for seven years. She realized that the parents in this community didn’t value early childhood education. Most of them sent their children to school when they were six years old or even older.

Joyce believes that preschool education is 98-349 practice test essential to overall school success. She developed a program that integrates the formal preschool and primary school systems with her dream of raising the community’s standard of living.

Rossholme Education Centre has a modern curriculum that creates awareness of the importance of early childhood education. Its mission is to prevent passitexams stunted cognitive development in young children, and to insure better performance in primary and secondary school. It focuses on ways to decrease school drop outs, and to prevent tribalism, and to grow good Christian citizens.