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About Us

Rossholme Education Center is a school located in the heart of Kiambiu slum in Nairobi, Kenya. The school aims at uplifting the educational standards of the children within the slum. The school cares for the needy and poor families as a way of giving them hope.

I decided to start Rossholme education Center after staying in the slum for a period of seven years. I realized that people in the slum don’t value importance of early childhood education. Most parents take their children to school at a very late age which later affect learners. 

After realizing the fact that preschool education is essential to overall school success and a sure means towards the improvement of the community’s economy and morality, therefore I have formulated an education and development policy to integrate in the formal preschool system to realize my dream of placing our community in the light of progress and power in near future.

Rossholme Education Center aims at setting up a modern preschool based on current curriculum to create awareness on importance of early childhood education within the slum.

It’s from this need that I have built my groundwork to explore this opportunity by coming up with Rossholme Education Center which will help to prevent stunted cognitive development of the child and facilitating better future performance in school.

On the same, the school will focus on ways of stopping school drop outs, good values, fight tribalism hence come up us good citizens.